History Of Review

A collection of classic anthems from punks forgotten icons that will blow you away.

Following their debut release Vicious Circle, it would be hard to top, however the second album ‘History Of’ by
Midwest hardcore punks Zero Boys does so with aplomb. Whilst keeping the aggressive and melodic approach
of the first album, there is a sheer explosion of intensity throughout, never has the term hardcore punk been so apt to
describe an album.

Imagine a melting pot, with all the best elements of Bad Brains, The Ramones and DOA all
swirling around together, interacting and exploding into an incredible punk rock flavour. That is the best way
to describe the sound created by Zero Boys for the entirety of ‘History Of’.
The opening track ‘Drive In’ dynamically destroys the floodgates as the powerful fist clenching riffs flow over you and
leave you powerless to fight the incredibly brutal current that leaves your body exhausted.

The intensity levels drop for the next few tracks, acting as a well earned break from proceedings,
with ‘Inergy’ standing out as the best, more melodic song during this break, with poignant lyrics and a slower tempo, which is instantly
reversed with ‘Johnny Better Get’ which is an insanely paced punk rock anthem, fused with ear battering riffs and air punching verses.

This sets the tone for the next few tracks, which continue in the same vain, with an unbelievable tempo,
and are as infectious as the virus-carrying monkey in ‘Dustin Hoffman’ blockbuster Outbreak’

Zero Boys stick to their formula of fast paced thumping punk, casually mixing it with slower tempo
melodic styles, closing the album in a similar style with ‘Piece Of Me’, a classic catchy anthem
that will have feet tapping and arms thrusting.


By: Matt Metcalfe